Business Book Brunch: Rising Strong

Written by Katie Thornton.

1BreneReviewBrené Brown - Rising strong. The reckoning. The rumble. The revolution 

Rising Strong continues Brené Browns’ research into the exploration of the wholehearted journey. As Brené says, her most recent three books can be summed up as:

The Gifts of Imperfection: Be you.

Daring Greatly: Be all in.

Rising Strong: Fall. Get up. Try again.

“The thread that runs through all three of these books,” she says, “is our yearning to live a wholehearted life.”

As the NZBWN Business Book Brunch club we read Rising Strong. In this book Brené Brown asks us to look at, and own, our “stories”. Her research into shame and vulnerability has shown that people are constantly making up and/or telling themselves stories. These may be stories concluding what that person really meant when they said that thing, or what your boss is actually thinking about you being late…the list goes on. 

Brené is showing us that in most situations we find ourselves in, we are making up stories that we filter our experience through and those stories end up defining our experiences.  

She writes that unless we can own those stories that we are telling ourselves we won't be able to own the endings. A question she asks of us to ask ourselves – “What is the story I am telling myself?”  

Brené challenges us to examine these stories so that we can be more aware of how they are impacting on our lives and relationships, at home and at work.  Like any good story there is always a beginning, middle and end.

After eating a delicious Ozone brunch, our conversation got underway.  Overall the book was well received with a few comments on use of language, and depth of detail – some felt key points could be at times overly laboured.  Nonetheless, we think that book club is clearly taking great affect as many members shared they were already using concepts described by the author! 

The things we found helpful as a group included:

  • Looking at our own internal dialogue – understanding the stories we are telling ourselves, whether true or false, and how they may be influencing our actions and decisions.
  • Realising that some of our stories can be dangerously wrong and our imagination goes wild – you must be careful of the stories you tell yourself and interpreting things into wrong conclusions.
  • That the story other people are telling themselves is not necessarily the same story you are telling yourself.
  • “The shitty first draft” – writing out what you really want to say first to someone, but not actually sharing it – helps to get your gut reaction off your chest and then bring about perspective.
  • Explaining the process of when you are “face down in the arena” (your living life to the full and taking risks but things don’t go as planned) and the importance of pulling though, rising above, and not jumping over the uncomfortable stuff.
  • As successful women, we can forget to share the middle section of our story – the part where we process, and often shed emotions.
  • Taking time to explore the emotions behind the stories we are telling ourselves. 
  • Remembering that people are doing their best so being compassionate is essential.
  • Giving people credit for what people are going through! 

The group also took some time to discuss key concepts from a Kiwi-abroad perspective and these observations were share:

  • Kiwis tend to demonstrate resilience and are used to getting back up after being knocked down.
  • We also tend to appreciate and nurture that resilience 
  • It was agreed that that independence and strength are strong character traits of Kiwis.
  • That we don’t tend to celebrate or talk about how great we are and that there needs to be space to do this – classic NZ tall poppy syndrome. 
  • As a Network, we are culture shapers e.g. celebrating success, entering our women for awards, barrier-free support.
  • As Kiwis who have moved to London we have experienced a lot of change and uncertainty and are open to sharing lessons.
  • We are getting good at telling our stories of success and struggle.
  • We are learning how to receive compliments.
  • We are learning how to ask for help! 

Review written by

Katie Thornton

Careers & Staying relevant in the marketplace

Written by NZBWN Mentor Programme Team.

Careers & Staying relevant in the marketplace with Jude O'Neil

Apply now! Applications EXTENDED until Tuesday 18th April 2017 (5pm)

Applications are now open for a brand new expert-led mentoring group focussed on getting your career and how you can remain relevant in the marketplace, starting in May 2017.

Jude ONeill

We are delighted to announce the next Mentoring Group focussing on Careers & Staying Relevant in the Marketplace.  

There comes a point (or for some, like me, many points) in your career where it doesn't feel as shiny and exciting anymore. Perhaps you're feeling bored, or those feelings of doubt about your abilities have crept in, or maybe the environment is changing and you're struggling to keep up.

Over 6 sessions you will work with the members of your group and mentor to gain clarity on your career and what you need to do to feel more positive and confident. The discussions will be guided by where group members are in their journey and what it is they need to explore to be able to progress. This could be about absolutely anything, your network, growing your skills, how to have a richer life outside of work, anything at all that will contribute to your success.

You will get support and advice from your mentor and fellow mentees to explore your options, find direction and break down the barriers you may be facing.


NZBWNrun: Monaco Run 10km

Written by Kristine Chadwick.

Alice Kris#NZBWNrun ladies took part in the Monaco Run 10 km on Sunday 12 March. We had five ladies representing the NZBWN network and met a few other fellow Kiwis on the day! Although the run was hillier and slightly longer than 10 km, Natalie managed to cross the line with a PB and Donna completed the route with a still healing broken collar bone! The apres run party was held by the Olympic pool on the waterfront with all kinds of hospitality including free flowing beer at 1000 am!

Our next big event is on Sunday 7 May - the Wings for Life World Run which is in Cambridge. On one day each year, the Wings for Life World Run takes place at event locations across the planet. Everybody starts at exactly the same moment, 11am UTC. The Wings for Life World Run is perfect for everyone, of every ability, because you set your own goals and you don’t head toward a distant finish line. Instead, the finish line catches up with you. A half hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, the “Catcher Car" chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught. Please register for this individually and then let Kris Chadwick know so she can organise logistics.

Details of our April run are below - please sign up via Eventbrite if you'd like to come along. This is so Kris knows how many to book for brunch and who to wait for before setting off.

Date: Sunday 9 April
Time: Meet at 0945 for 1000 start
Meet: Putney Train Station
Run: Run/Jog/Walk along the toepath to Kew
Brunch: Tried & True

Please register via the Eventbrite link so Kris knows how many people to wait for at Putney Train Station and for brunch numbers.

Our stories: Anne Timpany

Written by Linda Rose.

Anne Timpany Final‘Mum, I want to be a YouTuber when I grow up’, are the last words Anne Timpany would want to hear from one of her three young sons. Instead she would love to hear them say that they wanted to be plumbers or have another trade skill which would give them ‘a real, honest, traditional job’.

Not surprising, as Anne and her husband Raff are the directors of On Tap Plumbers which in just over seven years has evolved from being a small family run firm catering to the domestic market into a commercial installer with more than 25 plumbers operating in central London.

What's the Goss?