Our Stories: Katherine Corich

Written by Sophie Bevin.

KatherineCorichKatherine Corich is a business leader, entrepreneur, mentor, adviser and academic, whose success and influence spans across business, the public sector and charities. Katherine is the founder and chairwoman of the Sysdoc Group, a consulting practitioner business founded in 1986 in New Zealand which today has operations in four regions and has consultant reach in over 72 countries. 

Katherine’s impact and legacy extends far beyond her success with Sysdoc. She continuously acts as a catalyst for change and development across many industries and organisations across the world. In 2015 she was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce at Saïd Business School in Oxford, where she teaches strategic business courses. 

Katherine’s talent is sought by multi-national organisations across various industries.

Our Stories: Avril McDonald

Written by Eleanor McIntosh.

Avril author shot with name“My dear Wolfgang,” said Spider,
“if only you knew:
There’s a powerful magic
that’s deep inside you.

So if something is scary,
or cruel or unkind,
You can change how you feel
with your magical mind.

Excerpt from The Wolf and the Shadow Monster by Avril McDonald

Avril McDonald is passionate about mental health and believes that children should be taught how to manage tough emotions, phobias and neurological patterns early on, after fighting her own battles with anxiety since her early childhood.

Our Stories: Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Written by Zoe Stapleton.

MelissaCRWith her entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive, Melissa Clark-Reynolds is in a league of her own. Melissa has had a global outlook since an early age, spending her formative years in the US, completing postgraduate study abroad and working in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and the UK.

Melissa is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of successful start-ups - she established her first company in 1992 and hasn’t looked back. She also contributes widely in the international accelerator community, with founder / mentor roles in London, Singapore and NZ. This has led to her representing NZ at the Global Accelerator Network meeting and at the APEC forum to ‘encourage women entrepreneurs’.

Business Book Brunch: Time to Think

Written by Lauradanna Radesic.

Time to Think at Ozone 3'There is only one thing on which virtually everything else in our lives depends. That is the quality of our thinking. Everything stems from this. Including the passionate bursting of our hearts and the inward non-movements of contemplation. The human being begins each action, each feeling with a thinking process. When that is gone, we are gone. Nothing deserves our care, our time, more than this.' Nancy Kline, Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind'.

A group of twenty or so network members recently met up at old street's Ozone Cafe to discuss our latest read, Nancy Kline's, Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind. 

We started off the session with a round of what the network and bookclub means to each of us.  Having utilised the networkfor various purposes over the years (networking, advice, learning), I always love to hear how other woman have been impacted and helped by the network too.

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