Our Board

Our Why

Our mission is to help develop women. We connect Kiwi women, predominately in the UK, to enrich and develop their experiences We bring our members together  to learn, connect and inspire each other, through events, programmes, sharing experiences, personal introductions and flying our flag with pride. We are a network of likeminded, resourceful, 'can do' women, we cross all ages and industries and ultimately we speak the same language, #wespeakkiwi.

We value giving back, being open to all, collaborating and supporting each other.

Our Board

In 2016 we began a review to ensure we operate sustainability. From that review we became a social enterprise with the purpose of developing women. The natural progression was to create a governance structure to create a strong leadership. We also wanted to ensure we could create a sustainable model to build our network and help us to connect with as many Kiwi women as possible. Towards the end of 2019 we began the search for our first board.

Our former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark spoke to us in April 2019 and one of her key messages was we all need to do all we can as leaders to help women up the ladder from behind. Inspired by this, and reflecting our purpose and values, we set up the board with the aim of helping more women take on leadership roles and ultimatley land more seats in the board room. This means we've developed a board structure to support this - by giving women their first chance to take on a board role, coupled with regular training and mentoring, we hope to see them further develop their careers and take on other board roles in the future.