Book review: Connect - Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues

Written by Amy Dunn.

Connect book coverIn a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, 'Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues' by David Bradford and Carole Robin offers a refreshing return to the core: cultivating genuine human connection. Drawing on their decades of experience teaching interpersonal dynamics at Stanford and coaching executives, the authors provide a practical and insightful guide to fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships in all aspects of life.

The NZ Business Women’s Network - UK networking comes ‘home’ to Auckland

Written by Ruth Keeling.

AKL event March 2024Last month, the NZ Business Women’s Network held an inaugural event in Auckland for locally-based members, at BNZ Auckland HQ on Queen Street. The event on March 21st attracted a diverse group of women, many with extensive UK experience and others just about to set out on their British adventure. We also brought together a fantastic panel of Kiwi women with highly-relevant professional knowledge about living in the United Kingdom, and settling back into life in NZ afterwards.

International Women’s Day: Inspiring Inclusion with NZBWN and Kea New Zealand

Written by Amy Dunn.

IWD panellists

Our annual International Women’s Day event returned this year, and in fine form as always!

In partnership with Kea New Zealand, and kindly hosted by Killik & Co, NZBWN brought together over 100 Kiwi women to discuss the important topic of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’, this year’s International Women’s Day theme. The idea being that when we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, together we can create a better world.

Book review: Hidden Potential - The Science of Achieving Greater Things

Written by Julie Burton.

Hidden Potential ImageIt’s been a while since I have been to the NZBWN Book Club at Ozone in London, and I was not disappointed!

The group attending were open, curious and friendly Kiwis (plus a visitor who enjoyed the book and wanted to join a group to chat about it) and we shared the love of continuous learning. The book was interesting to all of us for different reasons and sparked lots of conversation and insights. The great people at Ozone were welcoming, friendly and delivered an amazing brunch.

Hidden Potential is the latest book by Organisational Psychologist Adam Grant, and it focuses on the things we can do to find our own hidden potential and be more aware of identifying it in others.