Our Stories: Jackie Smith

Written by Linda Rose.

Jackie Smith bw namedNearly 25 years ago Jackie and her husband David opened the first Caci beauty therapy clinic in New Zealand – now there are nearly 50 franchised clinics throughout the country. Last year the Smiths started their global expansion with three Skinsmiths clinics in London and, true to ambitious form, they plan to have 40 Skinsmiths clinics in the UK by early 2019.

“The aesthetic sector can be a real tangle for consumers,” says Jackie. “How to find ‘what is right for me’ in retail skin treatments and products is complicated and so some women opt out. We see an opportunity to provide simplicity.” The Smiths also know who their target customer is. “She is 42-years old with a partner and two kids as well as a full-time job. She has a lot of balls in the air but she also wants good skin.”

So where did it all start? Jackie is a Waikato girl born and bred and was part of the first intake of student nurses at what was then the Auckland Technical Institute. In the mid 80s Jackie and husband David decided it was time to try out the Northern hemisphere, specifically Jersey in the Channel Islands.

New September 2018 Mentoring Groups

Written by NZBWN Mentor Programme Team.

Applications Open for September groups

The NZBWN mentoring programme enables network members to get started on their own individual journeys to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realise their aspirations. 


Group One - The road to empowered Public Speaking

Apply now!  Applications close Wednesday 7th August 2018

If you've ever feared presenting or speaking to a large group or even a close group of colleagues or peers, here’s your opportunity to sharpen up your public speaking toolkit and gain the knowledge to become a comfortable and confident speaker.

Join us for a 12 week mentoring programme to get guidance and support with managing and developing the skills to get your message across confidently and effectively. Together your group will help you develop the skills to communicate better both professionally and personally. Ideal for those who are entering new career or social roles requiring strong public speaking abilities, or for those who are required regularly to present to colleagues and peers.

Fortnightly sessions starting on Monday 3rd September 2018.  You must also be able attend on the 19th and 26th of November if an earlier group session does not go ahead. 

Group times:  6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Central, TBC 

Mentor: Jude Sclater (formerly O’Neill)

Jude is a leadership and impact coach who gets individuals and teams from where they are now, to where they want to be. She finds it inspiring working with people to help them become more confident in the roles they are currently in or aiming to enter and
helping to build the necessary skills.

Her own career journey has taught her that anything is possible. She went from studying psychology and information systems at Victoria University, to teaching English in Brazil, to being an auditor and project manager before heading back to university to do a  Masters in Organisational Behaviour at Birkbeck. She now works in the learning team of a global organisation and is responsible for the personal skills development of her group. It is here that she trained to be an executive coach which she loves so much that she also started her own private coaching business. 




Group Two - Growing your Leadership and Influence

Apply now! Applications close Tuesday 7th August 2018

Back after hot demand...
Do you ever wonder what effective leadership really means? Are you struggling to find your place as a leader or wondering how you might take that step? Are you keen to grow your influence with people beyond your team? Are you a leader seeking time and space to reflect on how to be even better?

Leadership isn't easy. It's a skill that is largely developed 'on the job' and, like all skills, requires time and effort to maintain and improve. Our mentoring group will explore how to grow your leadership and influencing skills, reflecting on helping yourself and inspiring others to transform and grow your work. Whether you're someone keen to take their first step in this or a seasoned leader, this group is for you. Specific topics covered will be tailored to meet the needs of the group but might include managing yourself, communication and persuasion, building relationships and coaching, assessing effectiveness, authenticity, difficult conversations, and guiding change.

If you're looking for somewhere to develop your leadership and influence, join us for 12 weeks of learning and laughter with like-minded women.

Dates: Mostly fortnightly sessions starting on Monday 24th September 2018.  You must also be able to attend on Monday 8th, Monday 15th and Monday 29th October & Monday 12th and 26th of November. Please hold the 3rd and 10th December in the unlikely situation that an earlier group session does not go ahead. 
Group times:  6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location:  Central London

Mentor:  Fiona McKenzie

Fiona is an independent healthcare management consultant and general jack-of-all-trades. Most of her time is spent helping healthcare organisations better collaborate and co-design improvement in services with patients, population and staff. Having filled many voluntary and paid leadership roles, she has developed a strong understanding of the practicalities of leading and influencing well, engaging and empowering colleagues and peers.

While consistently seeking out new opportunities to learn, grow and travel, Fiona has spent most of her life juggling involvement in many life-and-work activities alongside three long-term health conditions. In the process she has learned a lot about 'going plural', building a portfolio career and being an authentic leader in life and work. 

Our Stories: Adrienne Pitts

Written by Tracy Goodall.

AP smallAdrienne Pitts visited London for the first time at the age of 16 and knew it was never a place she could live. Cold, grey and unwelcoming were the abiding impressions of her six days there during an arts and classics tour of Europe.

Fast forward 25 years, a slew of design and photography awards, an enviable Instagram following and a successful career as an internationally renowned photographer, and after a decade of calling London “home” she can’t imagine living anywhere else. Her original plan, when she headed there after a relationship ended, was to stay for maybe a year, but as many readers of these pages will know from their own experience, that infamous “just one year” vow is made to be broken.

Although it’s her work as a photographer she is best known for today, she has also forged a reputation as an outstanding art director, even if initially she assumed this field would play second fiddle to a career in photography. Graduating from Massey Wellington with a Bachelor of Design, a photography major and an alarming student loan, her timing was distinctly off. It was the very moment when digital photography was exploding, but her degree had been film-based and she couldn’t quite rustle up the $100,000 necessary to set herself up with the latest digital gear. Always pragmatic, she set about putting her design degree to good use, working as a graphic designer for a Wellington agency, before moving to the Bay of Plenty to take up a dual role as graphic designer-cum-photographer on the magazine Uno.

Business Book Brunch: ‘Winning without Losing’

Written by Stacey Williams.

winning without losing GRAPHIC“Winning without Losing” by Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne was chosen for Business Book Brunch club in February. Their sixty-six tips gave strategies on how to put happiness, family and friends first and yet still have professional success. A group of 20 keen readers came together over brunch to discuss how to have the most important things in life...

The book discusses what it calls the new Dual Optimum, where it is possible to live a happy and balanced life, while at the same time creating a business and a fortune from scratch. As well as not having to come home when our children are asleep or having to say no to friends wanting to have a drink after work, it suggests six to eight weeks of holiday spent travelling around the world each year or doing something other than work to recharge you and broaden your perspective, is not just a very real option, but increasingly a prerequisite for optimum and sustainable efficiency.

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