Member Testimonials

Following our events we use an online survey to gain feedback for the speakers, venue and organisers. Here's what people are saying:

"It seems to me this is a necessary lifeline for all NZ women living and working in the UK. Was impressed by the high level of conversation and critical thinking in the audience. Nice to be a part of."

"The fantastic women that you meet at these events"

"It is great way to meet and connect with like minded people, it provides support and provides interesting insights."

"The network provides a unique opportunity to interact with a range of wonderful, welcoming, women who have a 'can do' attitude."

"Each event I attend leaves me with new ideas and inspires - why wouldn't I want to share that."

"Every event I've attended has exceeded my expectations!"

"I arrived in London feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of directions one could take in this city and the months it could take to get to know which ones lead to opportunities.  A friend introduced me to the NZ Business Women's Network upbeat and spirited group of women living and working in London who are happy to share their experience to help other NZ women find their way. The events are great fun and inspirational.  I've been introduced to some amazing friends who have given their time and expertise when I most needed it. Long may it continue!"

“It was a great chance to launch back into the world of intelligent NZ females.”

"Dame Judith's speech was inspirational and provided some good practical ideas. Her down to earth style helped to demystify how people like her achieve great things."

“Wish I'd known about the network sooner! It was a fantastic evening, and great to meet kiwi women with similar experiences trying to get on in Britain.”

“Best event of this type I have been to in London by a mile, and I attend many!”

“I can never tire of evenings spent with intelligent, gutsy kiwi women.”

“I like the mix of food, looking at inspirational things kiwis have done and the relaxed atmosphere of NZBWN.”

“Every single time I meet someone new and someone I'm really glad I've met.”

“All the women who attend are interested in meeting other women; everyone has something to give to the group.”

“There are no pretentions in this group, just like-minded women who genuinely want to help each other better themselves. It is also great to regain/retain your unique Kiwi identity.”

“Great networking potential, optimism, engagement, friendly people – and I always feel a buzz after attending!.”

“Stories like Janiene’s always make me feel inspired. It is great to hear Kiwis doing so well and I know that our give-it-a-go ethos is part of it.”

“I have been in the UK for 22 years and miss NZ and the upfront honesty and bluntness of fellow kiwis. It is a refreshing change to be in a room full of New Zealander's to discuss our different experiences about being away from home, our experiences at home and what we hope for the future.”

“I found the speaker very interesting with more than one or two parallels to relate to.”

“The wine talk was interesting but the business talk was fascinating and offered insights into business that was very valuable.”

“So inspiring – a reminder to all of us not to lose ourselves and who we are, within the crazy rat race that London tends to become for all of us.”

“Peta's presentation was exactly what I needed; she was fun, down-to-earth, engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, and most-of-all inspirational.”

“These events are a great way to meet Kiwi women who are working in the UK and to build relationships.”

“The women you meet are always great fun and extremely positive about life.”

“It is always inspiring for me to meet such talented, enthusiastic, vibrant women who are making the most of their lives.”