Careers & Staying relevant in the marketplace

Written by NZBWN Mentor Programme Team.

Careers & Staying relevant in the marketplace with Jude O'Neil

Apply now! Applications EXTENDED until Tuesday 18th April 2017 (5pm)

Applications are now open for a brand new expert-led mentoring group focussed on getting your career and how you can remain relevant in the marketplace, starting in May 2017.

Jude ONeill

We are delighted to announce the next Mentoring Group focussing on Careers & Staying Relevant in the Marketplace.  

There comes a point (or for some, like me, many points) in your career where it doesn't feel as shiny and exciting anymore. Perhaps you're feeling bored, or those feelings of doubt about your abilities have crept in, or maybe the environment is changing and you're struggling to keep up.

Over 6 sessions you will work with the members of your group and mentor to gain clarity on your career and what you need to do to feel more positive and confident. The discussions will be guided by where group members are in their journey and what it is they need to explore to be able to progress. This could be about absolutely anything, your network, growing your skills, how to have a richer life outside of work, anything at all that will contribute to your success.

You will get support and advice from your mentor and fellow mentees to explore your options, find direction and break down the barriers you may be facing.


Dates: Six sessions starting on Tuesday 2nd May 2017.  You must be available to attend all of the following six dates with: 2nd May, 16th May, 31st May, 6th June, 27th June, 11th July.  Two back up dates will be tagged onto the end of the course June 13th and July 25th.

Times: 6:15 - 7:45pm

Location:  Near Chancery Lane (Central London)

Mentor:  Jude O'Neill

Jude O’Neill is a leadership and impact coach who gets individuals and teams from where they are now, to where they want to be. She finds it inspiring working with people to help them become clearer about their vision and she gets a real kick out of seeing people achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

Her own career journey has taught her that anything is possible. She went from studying psychology and information systems at Victoria University, to teaching English in Brazil, to being an auditor and project manager before heading back to university to do a Masters in Organisational Behaviour at Birkbeck. She now works in the learning team of a global organisation and is responsible for the personal skills development of her group. It is here that she trained to be an executive coach which she loves so much that she also started her own private coaching business. You can find out even more about her by checking out her blog at  


 Apply now! Applications EXTENDED until Tuesday 18th April 2017 (5pm)

 About our Mentoring Programme

Our unique mentoring programme is an ongoing initiative that enables network members to jump-start their own individual journeys towards overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and realising their aspirations in any area of their life. Full details of the programme can be found here.

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